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Survey Responses

"Sandra is a very capable CPA, but she is also very warm and compassionate, who connects with people on a personal - but not intrusive - level"

"We have been working with Finch CPA Firm for several years, they have been doing both our personal and business taxes. They also have helped us with all of our questions with starting up and running our business. We have been very happy with the professional service they have given us and we have referred several family members and friends to them. Thank you for taking such great care of us these past years from Tom and Nancy A."

"As President of 4 corporations things move at a fast, sometimes harried, pace. Finch CPA Firm tax service maintains very detailed records (with notes in the margins). It alienates the worry that I might not be able to recall something from a particular corporation back a few years. This organizational method always amazes me!! I have never had such an organized CPA during my 20 years in business. To my knowledge Finch CPA Firm has never missed one of my tax deadlines."

"Great folks and great service. Dependable, responsive, professional and knowledgeable. I have recommended to many friends and co-workers since 2008. Sandra is so very helpful and effective and the entire staff is the same. I will stay a client forever."

Client Testimonials

Sandra and her staff have done a great job of streamlining our accounting and bookkeeping. They have been attentive and very helpful while we learned to setup and manipulate QuickBooks to our application. I now have more time to practice medicine rather than practice my poorly developed accounting skills. My office is more profitable and less stressed thanks to Sandra and her team.

Thank you.

Dr. Matt Taylor
Prestonwood Animal Clinic
Houston, Texas

Sandra and her staff prove themselves more capable every time I have the pleasure of working with them. When I refer a client with challenging tax problems, she is able to delicately discuss their problems and help motivate them to bring their tax profile into compliance.

Randall Perrier, Attorney
Perrier Bolt PLLC
Houston, Texas

Thanks Sandra. I really appreciate all of your hard work. Of all the CPAs I deal with, you are the easiest to work with. I really like the online meetings. I'm not sure you realize how rare it is to have a CPA that is so technical; it's really nice. I also appreciate not having to live in fear of the Accountant's Copy. Really, you wouldn't believe the nightmares I've had in the past with them. I just wanted you to know that you are greatly appreciated.

Lisa Johnson
Trophy Estimates
Houston, Texas

Dear Sandra,

First, I want to thank you for all you have done for me and DWR. I will never forget when we first met and I asked how much you charged. Your comment was that you hoped you could save us enough money that your charges would not be an issue - and you were right. You personally saved me on sales taxes that the state decided (after 22 years) that we owed, over $107,000 dollars. When I first got the notice, I took it to a tax attorney, and after paying him over $3,000.00 dollars, his comment to me was there was nothing he could do about it. We either needed to wait until the lady at the tax office retired or my case was given to someone else because that was the only way he would ever be able to do anything for me. Then I got another attorney, and yes, he took my money as well... and did nothing. I then gave it to two other CPAs... and they did nothing!

That whole year was a waste of time. But then I met you. To your credit, you told me up front that you weren't sure you could do anything either, but within two weeks you had my case settled and saved me $85,000 dollars!

Thank you again! This is the first time in a long time that we've turned our taxes over to a CPA and have gotten them filed on time. I love how honest you are, and how quick you get things done.

Thank you.

Mike Arnett
DWR Construction Inc.
Spring, Texas