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IRS Problem Resolution Services

Help for problems with the IRS

There are many circumstances and mitigating factors that can result in unfiled tax returns.

Failing to file a federal, state or local tax return is a serious issue, but it is also a problem that can be solved. Take the first step by getting an experienced tax professional in your corner like Finch CPA Firm.

Our firm has a long track record of helping both businesses and individuals resolve their tax problems. We have successfully helped clients resolve their non-filing status with the IRS.

Our Unique Process

Bring us your correspondence or penalty notice from the IRS. We will ask you to complete a Form 2848 (Power of Attorney), so that we can access your tax records on the IRS e-services website. With this information in hand we will draw on our extensive experience in working with the IRS and will develop the tax strategy that is most likely to meet with success.

Our clients report that hiring us to mediate on their behalf removes much of the emotion, stress and worry from dealing with the IRS, because they know they have entrusted their tax matters to professionals who are objective and skilled. We advocate zealously but legally for our clients and have a remarkable success rate.

We can assist you with a number of IRS tax problems including: